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Hollywood values quality work!


We had a chance to work with some most celebrated people in the film industry. 


Each time Hollywood crew is shooting a movie in Toronto, they call Book Beautician. There is no time for games…actors need strong, beautiful and long-lasting manicures and we are always happy to create breathtaking claws!


It was a real pleasure to work with incredibly talented Mila Kunis, Justine Lupe, Connie Britton  “Luckiest Girl Alive”, Richard Jenkins, Toni Collette “Nightmare Alley”, Meta Golding “Rabbit Hole”,  Allison Williams “Fellow Travellers” to name a few.  




*For bookings with groups of 3 or more, please call at 416.323.0178 as deposit is required. 



Meet Tanya! She is our SUGARING guru. 

Champion of Ukraine in depilation (hair removal). Over 6 years of experience in a beauty industry. Love doing waxing, try the evolved version of it – Sugaring. Less painful, longer lasting results and smoother skin! Unlike wax, after sugaring you get rid of 50% of the hair after the first procedure.



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