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We do great nails. This is our goal, passion and mission. Every woman is special and unique. Our nail technicians are incredibly eager to translate a woman’s personality into her nails.Our certified technicians with years of experience gathered from different parts of the world to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers with different tastes. We are the only nail studio in Toronto that offers so called “Russian manicure” or an e-file manicure that cleans your nails to perfection.

Your nails are short and you dream about long sexy nails? No problem, we can grow your nails with Acrylic or bio-Gel. You will leave our studio feeling like a superstar.

You wish to give your nails some extra love? wonderful! Let’s create some nail designs. Our nail technician are true artists able to create the most incredible nail art with hand free designs, foils, Swarovski crystals, glitters, stickers etc. Your nails will be breathtaking. Be sure to receive tons of compliments.

russian manicure

Russian Manicure

bio-gel extensions

Bio-Gel Extensions

nail art

Nail Art

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