women’s beauty salon

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Book Beautician is a nail art studio with a team of talented, passionate and creative people with years of experience dedicated to doing great nails.

From traditional manicure to the most intricate hand free designs, Swarovski stones, glitters, and miraculous sparkles. Everything is possible here. Your nails are too short? No problem, we will grow them. You will leave our studio with a pair of breathtaking claws!

We are the only studio in Toronto able to professionally conduct complicated “Russian manicure” (e-file manicure). This type of manicure aims to clean your cuticle to perfection with an electric drill.

On top of nail related services, we also offer beauty services. Make up, eyelash extensions, waxing, and threading services are available at Book Beautician nails & beauty.

Organizing a girls night or a party? We can come to you to enhance your beauty with our skillful hands! Just give us a call we will be there.

At Book Beautician, our clients are also able to purchase toxin free cosmetics from Beauty Counter.

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